Does FDS have/sell stock of their company?

I am 15 and currently investing in shares of stock from companies such as Nike and amazon with the help of my parents. My question to you is “Does FDS sell shares of stock that can be invested in?” Only serious answers please. If you don’t know, then don’t guess just let someone who knows give me a correct and accurate answer :)


No, I haven’t actually checked that they are a company but if they are it’s a private limited company. Meaning stocks and shares can’t be bought.


I missed the IPO so the answer is no

I have checked and it seems it is a LTD kind of company in basic terms. Flying Developemnt Studios LLC meaning limited liability corporation, this means they aren’t liable for any debts. This would work for the partnership so that’s pretty much the likely case for FDS.

LLC isn’t widely used in the UK by the way so sorry for the lack of explanation.


I remember a thread similar to this a while ago. As the two have said, there is not a real way to invest into FDS.

Here you go.


IPO’s (Initial Public Offering, which is required for a company to be listed on a stock exchange) cost upwards of $750,000 so it wouldn’t be feasible for FDS.


Thank you very much for the information :)