Does everyone actually like the new extra-shiny look?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t really like the new look… the plane kinda looks unreal and so computer graphic-ish…

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Trying making a poll, you can get opinions easily

I’m making a sample one for you

  • Yes, I do like them
  • No, I don’t like them
  • Maybe
  • What is that?!
  • Mixed thoughts

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It’s a little too shiny occasionally such as while on the ground. White is too strong, maybe a little lighter/less intense.

Looks are very subjective. For the aircraft we are using a physically based model to render them meaning that our artist define the physical properties of each part of the aircraft.
This physically based model is an approximation of how light interacts with objects and being on mobile forces us to take some shortcuts but overall we achieved something really close to our reference renderings (from software that specialize in realistic rendering).

Of course it is not perfect and there is still a few things we can improve/optimize.


I agree…
It looks good on the A320, but yesterday I tried it on the Aerologic 777F (in the night scenery) which seemed to wear the Royal Air Maroc livery :/

Thank you very much!!!

You are welcome my friend! Check how to do polls [here][1][1]:[]

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Thank you for the explanation. However, will there be any plans to go back if the new graphics fail to be adjusted?

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