Does doing long haul flights affect your screen?

I have an iPad Pro 2018 and I do long haul flights about once a week. I was just wondering if the amount of hours my device is on, does it affect my display?

Done hundreds of hours on various iPad models. Never seen any degradation or issues :)

Depends. If you have your brightness all the way down, which I usually do because it maintains battery life as well you should be fine.

Can affect battery health life.

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The problem I faced with my phone long hauling in IF was screen burn. When I first started playing I didn’t know you could turn the HUD off and I also forgot to turn the brightness down so now I have a pink/red outline of the HUD buttons permanently visible no matter what app I’m using. Granted this is a Galaxy s8 with AMOLED screen so it could be different depending on if you have an LCD or TFT.

Only OLEDS have this issue. iPads and other tablets which have LED screens are perfectly fine, no burn in will occur.

The only real screen it would harm is probably some modern TV screens but who will even bother to play on their telly?

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