Does crosswind affect everyone this much?

Taking off from SFO on 1L, winds are 3kt from 20°. Admittedly, I was slightly R of the centerline for my takeoff roll, but traveling parallel. Even prior to my rear gear leaving the ground, the plane starts to yaw pretty heavily to the R. I understand the impact of crosswinds, just curious if this large of an impact is normal for a 3kt wind? If so, just ease in some rudder… There are a few screenshots to show the progression. Thanks.


3kts usually don’t affect your plane that much. Maybe it’s because of the combination of temperature ?

Ok, thanks. I thought it was a bit much, that’s why I wanted to check.

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Try this if you need help:

Thx, I knew rudder, etc can help correct for these issues, esp landing. I just wanted to confirm 3kts should make that large of an impact, or was there another issue I was overlooking.

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Be sure to calibrate before takeoff as well. Maybe there were gusts?

It was very groggy there, it was temperature effects.

there is a thing with IF when you get over a specific speed and depending on how weighed down you are the plane will veere to the right.

Check to see that “auto-coordination” is turned off in the general settings.

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were there any gusts?

That’s always the last thing I do before starting my takeoff roll, since I don’t pay as much attention to ‘level’ while taxiing.

Yes, I leave it off

You may have rotated too late, therefore the effect of the crosswind

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