Does Being Told To Go Around / 360 Bother You?

I love ATC in IF, particularity tower and approach on busy days or busy airports :-). However it is very clear what pilots listen to ATC and which pilots don’t care at all and just follow their flight plan and do what they want.

My question is to those who listen to ATC instructions - does it bug you that because you are the one who listens to ATC instructions, you are the one that gets told to 360 or to extend your downwind or even to have to abort a landing and go around because of knuckle heads?

And would you rather controllers like myself to just let you fly into the knuckle heads or do you like the realism element of being told to go around because of a pilot trying to land going 240 knots and is going to pass you because they repeatedly ignore commands to slow down and to 360 themselves or because someone jumped the line and decided to take off without clearance etc. (The list of dumb stuff people do can be very long so I’ll stop there.)

I love being told to make a 360 or go around. It makes the experience much more realistic.


I hate it because it makes it unrealistic. Go-arounds are a very rare event in the real world. Especially because of other aircraft doing ridiculous speeds/spacing on final. Making an immediate 360 is also extremely rare.

Holding patterns some 30+ miles from the airport are common, however real world sophisticated ATC allows this to happen.

I dont fly in busy playground/training server for this exact reason. I dont want to be doing 3 go-arounds due to traffic on my attempt to land at an airport that in the real world has 10 arrivals an hour…

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I don’t like to do a 360 but I love to go around, especially on expert server.


I like go around and 360s, but I usually don’t have patience to do them because I can’t find a comfortable position to play IF in :/

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I like 360 degree turns. I’m really interested in trying out the holding pattern though.

Problem is they every time I am told to do a 360 I complete it and I am ATC forgets I am headed back to the airport. They need to vector me back in line.

I dont mind doing neither of them if it is for a genuine reason. If it is beacuse of some ignoramus doing as he likes I feel like ignoring him as well… but not to space out planes would probably be a bad idea…
Maybe next time it happens to me I am just going to pretend that plane has an emergancy :D

I’m not shy to send an aircraft around. If it’s necessary I’ll do it but try my best to avoid it. Once I had an aircraft on shirt final and I forgot about him, so I cleared an aircraft on the runway to take off. He reported he was on Final and I realized what was going on so I sent the guy around. No harm done

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If i really do need a 360, i do not mind doing it.

If im told to 360 for no reason and start to get frustrated, i’ll divert if i see the aerodome is in a mess.

If im an ATC and people do not listen, it bothers me when really serious and experienced pilots goes around because of someone who does not listen to instructions. I personally ignore those who doesnt listen allowing them to do as they wish and im bothered if it bothered others (if that made any sense).

If they fit in the sequence without any re sequencing ,well and good. If a go around or a 360 does help the sequence,then it’s fair. But usually I would assign a few plz follow instructions to the miscreant and ghost him instead of spoiling the experience of others who flew miles following all instructions. We are here to service and help,not to spoon feed.

We always give fair chances to everyone. Those who blatantly disobey will be banished from viewport.

Well the only thing i can say that contributes to 360s is the lack of spacing between aircraft. Which obviously has to do with atc.

They pay me when I make 360/Go Around

Nope. But when I was approaching EDDL yesterday, I got 7 holding patterns while approaching.

Yes and no, I know for me I will instruct planes to slow down, enter the pattern etc. If they followed ATC instructions the planes would actually be spaced property. The problem is too many pilots just follow their flight plan not realizing that once they get into controlled space, ATC commands take precedence over the flight plan.

I will say that the pilots that fly in and out of KNUC are generally much better than most other playground airports. I only have maybe three or four planes that ignore and do what they want, everyone else follows ATC commands. Even the ground commands which are important for KNUC.

Planes usually should be around 3 to 5 miles apart. This should help prevent 360s. Think of ot as a heavy behind a heavy would be 4 miles, a small aircraft behind a heavy could be 5 or 4 miles apart. So yes the speed really matters

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