Does ATC obey weather?

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First, I would like to say that this isn’t a topic on ATC and wind, but more about specific weather. Right now in at KORD, there are thunderstorms rolling though which have all flights in a holding pattern. Meanwhile, in Infinite flight, planes are flying normally and landing with no delay. I’m not upset by this, even though I think obeying specific weather in game is really cool, but does ATC, mainly on expert, close an airport or put them into holding pattern based off of weather like snowstorms creating low visibility or thunderstorms in real life?

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To be honest I don’t really know what happens with atc on expert, but I know that IF still have a long way to go before they add realistic weather that would affect traffic conditions.

I’m guessing that most pattern works authorized or not will be based on the METARs at each airport and not be based on real weather.


ATC doesn’t do this because Infinite Flight is a sim and some people wouldn’t be happy having to divert to another airport. Also weather such as rain and such aren’t in Infinite Flight at the moment. The only thing affected by this storm is wind and visibility and planes can still takeoff and land normally with these factors


Since we don’t have severe weather in IF, it’s kinda pointless to put everyone in a hold. People in IF would be pretty pissed to hold for no real reason. Also, see below:


We can get strong winds, that’s about it. You’ll know because if there is “severe weather” it will be put on atis


We still let people land even in strong winds right? Like the time the RKSI winds aloft connection stopped working and people had to land in a 140kn crosswind? 😂


I suppose we do. After all, weather doesn’t stop a pilot, does it?

We can, however if its a cessna coming in, a diversion should happen.

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depends. But there will probs be more go-arounds

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I dont know, but if I see 60knt winds while I’m heading in for landing in a CRJ, I’m diverting on my own free will. Exercising my freedom of life. Even on Infinite Flight.

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They don’t have any way of knowing the weather, so they can’t vector aircraft around it.
They sometimes don’t obey terrain either though

I’ve had worse crosswinds to land in than 40kt crosswinds. I tried a 120kt crosswind once, and let’s just say that part of my plane explored the grass next to the runway. :)


Sometimes atc can’t obey weather.

I’m sure all of you have experienced the “winds-aloft-weather” situation. So, this happened at SFO one day with 43kts crosswind on final with an A320 getting tossed around the place.

Still landed on the runway. That’s what mattered :)

The extent of our weather obedience is currently reliant on visibility and conditions around an airport for pattern work. If dynamics change one day where clouds, rain, and storms are added, then it’s possible we’ll modify procedures as necessary to accommodate for those too.


According to IFATC Manual:

Pattern work can only be approved in Visual Metrological Conditions (VMC)
– as a MINIMUM this is 3 statute miles (approx. 5000 meters) visibility and a cloud
base of 2000ft Above Aerodrome Level (AAL).

If either one of these conditions is not met, controllers must not allow pattern work. As far as wind conditions, IFATC tries to satisfy current wind conditions as much as possible. There are situations such as airport terrain, the airport layout, or the large influx of pilots trying to use an airport to where the favorable runway utilizing current weather conditions may not be suitable for pilots trying to arrive/ depart. In addition, severe weather may be used in the ATIS frequency to alert pilots of weather in the vicinity.

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If the people doing the ATC in the server expert had to abide by and follow regulations that the ATCs of real life, they would be stricter and stressed out

If its cessna coming at that high wind, pilot will jus sit back. Winds will be enough to divert that thing itself

I thought they exempted the ceiling aspect since IF doesn’t simulate ceilings?

Yes, we no longer take the ceiling into account.

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