Does ATC get annoyed

I was curious because I see it a lot, does ATC or even other flyers get annoyed when they see people do really short 15-30 min flights just so they can be told what to do by ATC? Even if it’s super unrealistic locations with airlines. Me personally I’m a guy for realism so when I see an Air China 777 flying from one island to another in the Caribbean, it just rubs me wrong.



Infinite Flight is a Simulator, you can choose route you like. Accepting Local Flights is ATC’s decision, controllers will decide divert aircraft or accept it. Thanks for your understanding🙂


I totally get that and I think I came off wrong, nothing totally wrong with that, I was just trying to start a conversation


It wasn’t an order or anything lol. He’s just asking for other people’s opinions. As an IFATC controller, yea I appreciate it when people make an effort to fly authentic routes. I’m not at the point of restricting those who fly unrealistically by not allowing them into my airport, nor could I, but It makes me somewhat sad to have it happen. People play the game differently though I guess, it is what it is.


Personally, if I’m controlling a busy airspace, on radar, the last thing I want is someone doing a local flights. That makes things even more stressful.


I’m with 🥁. When the airspace is busy and someone makes a short flight in it can be frustrating, and they’re probably going to the end of the line. If it’s quiet, I enjoy it! Sometimes people fly in multiple times during a session, always enjoy that.


If it’s quiet or even moderately busy, I don’t care. I’m happy to deal with anyone and everyone who comes to me. However, when I control the hubs (and become an Officer 🙏), it does bug me a bit more since squeezing people in isn’t the easiest thing to do.

All in all, it’s controller-dependent. If we don’t want you, don’t take it personally. It’s just that we cannot handle extra, unnecessary traffic at the time.


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Yeah it really depends on the traffic, when the local flier is the only one on the frequency and when tons of aircraft are sending messages, these are totally different situations. I’d really like to stay with local fliers when it’s not busy.

BTW As a pilot I’m glad to get vectors from ATC and just follow them.
(Cuz I’m lazy…Shhhhhh)



If I remember correctly some airlines like KLM do hops on widebody planes in the Caribbean before flying back to Amsterdam

Yup, for example, when they sent the 744 to SXM on the way back to Amsterdam when the flight was pretty full they would make a fuel stop in another island because when super heavy the 744 cant make it off of SXM’s runway.

Well what if you flew from SBA-LAX with a United CRJ-200? It is a real route, but is pretty much local flying. Would ATC get annoyed.

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Sometimes if a larger hub such as EGLL is featured then flights between EGLC and EGLL could be prohibited anyway. Really does depend on the day, airport and controller.

Even if others don’t, it always feels good to do a realistic route.

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I would say no. I’m not IFATC and am probably not qualified to say this, but since it’s a real route, it would probably be easier to deal with.

Oh the good old question - is it a game or a simulator?

As mention above I too like it when it is not much traffic.

For example when I was controlling TFFJ yesterday it was fun to see so many short hauls so I hadn’t something to do.

When it is very busy it can be pretty frustrating, at least when the pilot don’t want to divert.

Simulator > Game
Simulator > Game
Simulator > Game

See that, it wins Simulator every time and to answer the OP’s question, I only find it annoying during an event or when the airspace is particularly busy. If the pilot takes off and does some circuits with the controller allowing pattern work then I’m cool with it in some cases but when folks spawn in at an adjacent airport, rapidly ascend and try and jump in line, no bueno. Send them to the back or divert them in my opinion!


I can understand what you mean but sometimes I do easyJet flights from Gatwick to Luton empty (a real flight) and if the ATC don’t want it, I don’t do it.

Does ATC get annoyed?

Discord voice chats can be pretty funny when active controllers are in it…


yes we get annoyed. Principally controlling busy hubs, where you have to deal with a lot of messages every second and you have to organize everything to make it flow, it can be really stressfull sometimes, specially with some users that don’t have any idea of what they’re doing but I love controlling so I can deal with that :)