Does anything go wrong if I log in on two devices and leave them as logged in?

I hope you understood my question. I use two different devices for this forum (an iPad and an HP laptop). On both of them, I keep my IF account logged in so I don’t need to type the password. But is there a chance of something going wrong with my IF account if I do that?

If could self-destruct. Just don’t know these days.


There is nothing wrong with that. :)


Seriously? That was funny. Never thought someone would be able to make a joke on this topic.

Yes, you won’t be able to purchase any IAPs for 12 months

Of course nothing would go wrong

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It’s just a risk that if you keep in loged in all the time.
Someone could access your acount if you lost one of yoir devices.

I doubt that will happen. How does a robber manage to break a lock noiselessly in an apartment building? And does he know that there’s an IF account which you can access by just going to the community main page?

Community needs to lighten up a bit :)


Okay, if you say some cybercriminal could hack my account, then here’s my response: what does a person earn by hacking an IF account? Likes? Replies?

It isn’t an issue.