Does Anyone Watch this Show?

Does anyone watch the show “Why Planes Crash” on the Weather Channel? Let me know please 😄.


DOES ANYONE!? yes, I did once. It was Interesting

You can still find episodes on YouTube if you want to watch it again. It is still one of my favorite shows. ✈️

Didn’t knew that exist…

Find it on YouTube, it’s a cool show.

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I saw the one about the Air France A340 that over shot the runway at either Montreal or Toronto, I forget.

You know the episode number?

Yeah I usually watch it when I’m at a hotel where the only channels are like CNN and the weather channel. It’s a pretty well done show.

I like watching that. But they always play the same episodes.

I recorded 10 episodes 😃

Watched it on YouTube

Did you like it?

Seconds from distaster and why planes crash are basically another perspective in the way Air Crash Investigation portrays what happened, however they are just less well made versions and I prefer air crash investigation

I did but I got bored of it after I kept seeing the same episodes.

They’re all Air crashinvestigations and I’ve watched all of them.

Is this show also named “Mayday” ? (Dangers dans le ciel in french😁)
I’ve watched it all.
Search for a Channel 4 (UK) production named “The crash”
This is the best ! A crash test of a 767 for real and its analysis 😍😍😍

It was alright.

Pretty sure it was a B727 not a B767

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Pretty sure you’re right and I was a bit drunk when writing .
Thanks for the correction.

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