Does anyone want to revive the Training ATC schedule?

I see that we haven’t had an ATC schedule for the Training Server in years. Who wants to revive it?

Hey! I was the former CEO of TSATC. We have unfortunately shut down, if anyone wants to start it up again by all means go ahead. It was great while it lasted! You can check out this post for more info:

I think it is a fantastic idea! Not sure about making a VO of sorts but I am sure a few IFATC aspiring could set this up :)

Cign :)

Sounds like a good idea, but I think to control at “training hubs” the controller should be given some form of violation to be given out that can expire after 24 hours (to help prevent trolling) but should also have to pass the written IFATC exam to be given the privilege, otherwise without any form of punishment for not following instructions people WILL troll and make it fall again… but the controllers must have passed the IFATC written so we know that they are competent enough to be given that privilege and not giving them out for no reason 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

That’s what I think

Then they might as well apply for IFATC, no?

The whole point of TS is for both pilots and ATC to learn and perfect their skills. Whether that’s what happens there, that’s up for debate.

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Yeah I mean people can control an airport that may not be on the schedule, but I think putting people on a hub with loads of aircraft and trollers would be mad!! It’s impossible to control pilots trolling and to give everyone violation privileges would be tragic as ATC trolls would give random violations!

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were in the process of making a similar version once we get approved we will have a schedule out

I completely agree with you! However I think what the OP is trying to say is the sheer lack of variety, the only airports being open, EGLL and KLAX. I would support anyone no matter skill being able to open the airports but having different ones featured. Of course it wont have the same amount of people, but its a start :)

TS pilots deserve variety too ;)


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