Does anyone want to join Dream Airways?

It has come to my attention that my VA is not GETTING any attention. Please, everyone, I really need some pilots. If anyone could just PM me and tell me about their capabilities and grade, they could join my VA. Please, everyone. Don’t ignore me. It seems like everybody else’s VAs are popular…

There is absolutely no point in this as you will not get a boom of people in a day.


One, thanks for the sympathy.
Two, there was no sympathy.
Three, I don’t want a boom. I just want people to acknowledge that my VA actually exists and join. I just want one person. That’s all i ask. All of you other people have no freaking problem with getting people for your VAs. You don’t even know what it’s like.

@13yearoldpilot VA’s take a lot of work. I started mine two years ago and only had 4-5 pilots for the first 6-7 months but as time progressed, I got more people. Know I have over 50 but that’s not after a lot of hard work and dedication.

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I know, but…it’s like all the other VAs get all the attention. Within a day of starting, one VA I looked at already had 10 people signing up. Why is it so unfair?

Do you have a website? Its not just about recruitment on the forums. VA’s post there ads on other social media platforms such as facebook and twitter

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I did make a website for it.

Link? Do you post on other forms of social media besides the forum?

I put in a link on one of my posts. The website isn’t completely finished though.

Okay. So finish the website and then re advertise. I would also suggest posting on the other forms of social media or hire someone that can

Hello Emmanuel.

I have just taken a look on when your VA was created and it was only created about a day ago. You have to realise that your VA is only a day old and that it won’t gain too much popularity in a day. VA’s are hard to create and take a lot of time and effort to make it succeed.

I have a list of tips that I have created to make your VA gain more popularity. I will PM you with it.



@CaptainDawud Do you mind sharing those tips with me?

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I made EL AL VA a few days ago, we only have three members, including me and the other founder.

Will send you a PM

Sounds like a plan

It’s all about patience! You can’t expect to get a lot of pilots in one day. You would be lucky if you do. We’ve only received one pilot in the space of 3-4 days.

Don’t beg for attention; without wanting to be mean people join VAs they think look good for them. A day old VA with only a few pilots isn’t going to be a popular as one that has been going for months and is well established.

There are loads of VAs now, you need something to stand out from the pack also.


@grxninesix has almost waited a year for two pilots.

You can’t just start a VA and expect that you will have 10 pilots in a day.

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Also, this post is duplicate / not needed.

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Yeah, I understand. It was just that I had been seeing other VAs start up and get at least a pilot within a day.