Does anyone want to escort me around the world?


I’m doing a flight from EGLL-OMDB-VABB-WSSS-YSSY-NZAA-YPPH-FAOR-LEMD-EGLL in an Air New Zealand DC-10, and was wondering if anyone wanted to escort me on some or all of these flights? I am Air New Zealand 2 Heavy, and will continue to Mumbai soon! If you would like to escort me, just spawn in at VABB soon and follow me.


Maybe but you don’t have to make a topic about it

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Lol, but if multiple people wanna escort, then how do I do that? Anyway, if mods don’t like it, they can close it

Umm just to say this shouldn’t be in #general but should be in #live also please don’t make a topic for something like this.

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Which server?

I’m on training

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I’m inbound! N428LA

Me too, Im coming

I can see you both, wanna do left right and ahead?

Umm maybe u guys could do this on PM in order not to clog the forum up.

Lol just shot straight past me

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Lol, but can we do a multi-person pm?

We sure can!

Yes make a PM so you all can discuss the escort there

MrMrMan u start the pm pls

I can volunteer to start it


Whoever, let’s just get a pm

Btw, sorry about this thread!

Now we just need a KC10 to refuel the fighters on the way

Pm anyone?

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