Does anyone want to be a CEO

Hello there!

I have built an almost finished VA with my friend. Trust leveling is not high enough for me to apply for IFVARB approval. Does anyone want to become a CEO.

If you are interested, please contact us😉



May i ask what VA? (This is just curiosity im already founding a VA)

If I’m correct, it is a Sunclass Airlines VA

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I actually fly with this airline a lot in the sim

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Do you use generic livery well? Sadly we do not have any liveries of the airline yet

Hello! I could help you. I have the necessary requirements by IFVARB.


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Hello all, please message me or @pilot_jonttu regarding staff at this VA

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Just for your information. We do have feature requests for Sunclass a321, a330-300 and a330neo if you are interested to check them out

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I have checked them out but I’m out of votes so that’s why I’m not active in those threads as much as I should be

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