Does anyone tried to download IF on Win 11 via Win subsyst foe Android?

Unfortunatuly my old iphon and ipad willl not run IF, but i have powerfull pc with win 11. and i have Windows Subsystem for Android on it.
Does anyone know, if it’s possible to download IF on it?
Coz in that way i need APK file, and can’t find it.

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We don’t support Windows Subsystem for Android at this time due to some missing features that don’t allow Infinite Flight to run properly. That said, we’re keeping an eye on any developments to WSA and we’ll let you know if things change :)

I wouldn’t recommend trying apk files you find online, as these are likely scams or malware.


most files i ever saw say that it’s is super puper good mod for free aircrafts (of coursre not lol)
And for me more interest in your editor, because i have XP11 and fly here. (Maybe because i am begining airport editor in XP11 and wanna learn more from more simple beginings)

Normally those are very old versions that don’t work anymore, and those websites market it as the latest version… it’s scammy :)

We are keeping an eye on this though and we’ll let you know if we figure something out on this front!


Ok, Thank You!
I will try to pack files from my brother’s phone in the apk, maybe will get some sucsess (but i don’t hope)

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