Does anyone’s Liveflight connect work?

Me too. Have the same prob

It works on any laptop/PC. You just need to connect your iPad/phone & your laptop/PC to the same network & it will work. :)

Not for me and some other people tho

Not working… No connections… All requirements have been implemented with no avail…

Same with me :(

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Honestly speaking i cannot fly in the conventional way… Joystick actually increases the immersive experience and makes flying much more enjoyable… Quit using IF until this get a fix…

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This is exactly me. Happy to have found someone facing the same problem and it’s not only me


Me too I’m taking a break from IF till this is fixed

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Let’s hope that we could get a fix soon to enjoy the newest features in IF… Otherwise i will confidently say GOODBYE IF after 3 years of Pro Subscription…

Ye I stoped my subscription

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For now, until we get a new update

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Honestly speaking i feel that we won’t get any updates nor improvements for joystick use in IF… But let’s have some optimism…

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Cris said beta tested has started 2 weeks but who knows ? IF API and IOS don’t look like they work good together , but then there are still other 3rd party software working so idk

Only third party software I have gotten to work is the work of @epaga (IFA, IFO, IFI) after updating my iPad to 14.5. It seems that something in iOS and iPadOS 14.5 prevents computer-to-device connection such as LFC and MapFlight. If you wish to undo the update to 14.5 to restore a working version of LFC & MapFlight compatibility with IF, see this tutorial, but please understand the risks involved and backup all of your flying device before downdating it.

Exactly, there are risks that I’m not willing to take, just for IF.

Also mines an IOS BETA device, I can update to beta 14.6 ( which I’ll do later today) Maybe that might fix it as there could be a problem with 14.5


Should I try this ?

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If you have multiple devices, I would do it on the secondary device.

It’s ok tho. I trust apple lol. My phones been a beta for like a year now , so I get new updates.

Eg I got 14.5 before anyone else did or I got 14.0 6 months before . Same will happen when 15.0 is announced in June.

When I get home, I’ll update my phone and see if there are any improvements . Before IOS 14.5 I still had a problem with map connect.

If u want to sign up

It’s not a bad idea to give it a try to see if the problem is related to the app itself or to the new version of iOS and iPadOS… Previously LiveFlight Connect was working fairly well, sometimes disconnects and ruins the flight but most of the time it’s acceptable… I’m willing to renew my subscription and continue flying particularly with the new features but without a joystick?! I can confidently say that I WONT… Got enough with Map Connect since nothing has improved and no hope for it…

I’ll see later on today cause it updated last night to 14.6

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