Does anyone’s Liveflight connect work?

Just wanted to know if anyone’s live flight connect works and what device they are using, if it works .

I would like to know, what phone/iPad and what laptop/pc you are using


Yep, it works like a charm without any issue for me, iPad Pro 2018 12.9"

Thanks for telling me , what laptop or pc do you use ? Forgot to ask 🙃

It’s a custom built PC, using strong ethernet

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Does anyone’s Mac app work ?

it dosent work with my mac either

LiveFlight connect is deprecated and no longer receives updates and support. Try map flight connect 🙂

Map flight doesn’t work either 😞

Map connect

U have to get it with out a Mac

how do you Download map connect

here you can download it-

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map connect works for me but live fight connect doesnt

Oh, what computer do you use ?

macbook air early 2020 intel i5 16gb ddr4 ram 256 ssd

I have an M1 Mac, could that be a problem on why it doesn’t work for me ?

probably m1 is probably not optimized for live flight connect

Although it’s running Rosetta so it can cope with intel apps.

yeah i also bought an m1 macbook pro and i havent tried doing live flight there

personally i am not ready to switch to m1 for my daily workload though.

it works great for school but as a music producer m1 can not run half of my software. most of that is the operating system (Mac OS Big Sur)

Neither LiveFlight Connect nor Map Connect work for me… There’s no connection at all… Only black screen saying: CONNECTING……