Does anyone require a military escort?

Hello everyone,
Does anyone require an Escort in a free region? Simply state your airport and gate, and I will be there!


KSAN-KLAX gate 51

Want it to be now?

BTW I’ll be in gate 50

And also, which server? Free flight ismok

Sure we can do it now

Free flight K?

Atc playground?

Ok I’ll be there

Are you NGB1

Hello I need an escort for this event

ill be at gate 19

All right, count me in.

This what IFES is about, Infinite Flight Escort Services.

If you want an escort please click the link below to request an escort (40+ members).


He can do what he wants he doesn’t have to use IFES

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I know that but still it just seems rude to take a VA’s main role. I was just saying my opinion sorry if i offended anyone else. But if anyone is interested this will take you to the escort reservation.


Actually, I’m joining IFES. I got a message! They said they will give me further details later. So, see ya!


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