Does anyone read every single post?

I was wondering if there are users here who have made it their mission to always read every single post that appears on this forum- How would somebody do that?

I had this idea once, became a regular in the process and “failed” because it just took too much time 😳 The number of posts has been increasing ever since.

I’m sure some people will if they have no life… ;)


I suppose if you had a page crawler that could log into your username and just have it open every thread you could pull it off.

i read most posts because i have nothing to do except homework and when i finish that i fly while checking forum

I just open it and close it. I only read posts in: General, support, RWA, and sometimes spotting.


I tried but my phone keeps going to sleep. Seriously just the ones that look interesting to Infinite flight

Ahem @Carson

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Not really, it’s all about the title. If it hooks me then I open it. If it is in Spanish I open it and say Hola so I feel accomplished in life:)

Doesn’t fit guidelines: