Does anyone need help trying to vertical take off in 787 online

You need to be at 200 knots to vertical it


You just really need flaps and to take off at the right speed for me. To make it a bit more realistic, try it without passengers or cargo.


There’s really no point in knowing how to vertical a 787 since it’s not realistic.


Vertical? like VTOL?

And it is not vertical, vertical is a Harrier Jump jet, I believe the 787 that did that takeoff was like at 60° or 70°

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You could just go a normal speed and takeoff normally…

Hell no. The nose attitude probably never exceeded 30/40 degrees and the angle of attack never exceeded 15 degrees.

What you saw on the video is basically a trick of perpective, it looks like the plane is doing a near vertical take-off but it definitely isn’t one. Boeing refused to give any informations concerning the pitch of the aircraft during the take-off, certainly to preserve the marketing effect of the video. It’s just a way to enhance the 787 performances.


Hehe as you said it’s probability you’re having not facts.I ain’t judging!Just doubtful anyway Probability is always 1 or 0 :)

I said probably because I just can’t give exact values. Boeing refused to share them. I saw the show at Paris Airshow and it looked like a 20/25 degrees nose up attitude. But definitely not more than 40.

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Let me just accept your way since I’m not the Mr.Know How here

I’m not a ‘know it all’ either. I’m only stating my opinion (which is based on what I saw) I don’t have the exact values.

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