Does anyone know why this happened?

Inbound on 25L GPS (Cessna 172) after getting switched over to Tower . I tell them I’m inbound on GPS at 25L and they tell me to please check the forums for assistance on how to use ATC instructions. I did everything correctly I think. Does anyone know why? (Expert Server)

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You said on the GPS, if you didn’t had contact with Approach, you need to say inbound without GPS.


Hi there! GPS approaches are no longer supported in infinite Flight’s current update. This means approach couldn’t have cleared you for a GPS approach. Call inbound based off the service approach freq gave you.


I contacted Approach

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Considering the fact you were sequenced before getting a clearance, you had a visual approach and you should have reported you were inbound on the visual. You can send a message to @panther who was your controller.


Will do. Thank you

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Hey @Jacklcsm, What @TimShan05 said is correct. You were cleared by approach for the visual but you called on the GPS.
Quite easy to remember how to call inbound:

Approach: “… Cleared ILS 24L” --> Call on the ILS
Approach: “… Cleared GPS 24L” --> Call on the GPS
Approach: “… Cleared Visual 24L” --> Call on the Visual
Approach: Does not clear you for anything and hands you off --> Basic inbound call
No approach --> Basic inbound call

Thanks for reaching out to figure out why you’ve received check help pages. Most people don’t and will continue to do the same thing. Stay safe and have a good one!


Yeah, had no idea that GPS approaches are no longer supported. Makes tons of sense now. Thans for the help. Stay safe!