Does anyone know why the wind is at 129 knots?

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It’s normal at high altitudes :)


Ahh. Makes sense. I imagine a touch of turbulence in the cabin 😅

Not necessarily. High winds doesn’t mean turbulence :)


Strong sustained winds such as these do not cause turbulence, however if you fly over the alps or other mountainous areas you usually encounter gusty winds due to the topography forcing wind from the surface upwards, now that’s turbulence.

Let’s hope you packed some extra fuel for that 129kt head wind tho :)


Don’t go at 0.89 M please :)


Yeah, good point. That’s like really fast.

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Sorry about that. I researched the maximum cruise speed for a 787-10 prior to the flight and that was Mach 0.90. I had set the autopilot to Mach 0.88 but because of the winds the autopilot freaks out on the throttle hence the Mach 0.89 in the photo. May I ask what cruise speed I should be at? Thanks so much!

Maximum Mach 0.85

Why cant he go fast everyone needs to go fast sometimes

Went off-topic.