Does anyone know whether the reworked a380 will require pro subscription or not?

hi, my subscription expires in a few days and i don’t feel like buying it again since i rarely play infinite flight nowadays, but still do occasionally. does anyone know whether the reworked a380 will be available to people without a pro subscription? sorry for the dumb question lol

Reworked A380 won’t be free airplane, because it will take a lot of resources and time



Please check out Jason’s reply below:


It obviously need. Imagine spending almost a year of your work only to give it for free to everyone else

Wouldn’t that be covered by the pro subscriptions people buy?

Good evening, regarding your question others have answered you. But to add, the reworked A380 won’t be available for quite a while.

A lot of aircraft such as a380 will be available in pro subscription. So you need to pay but flying with these great people is unique. Imagine, then pay or not. 🪂

oh ok thanks

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