Does anyone know where to find most/all airport and approach (for free is possible)?

I wanted to reference airport and approach charts when flying in IF. Does anyone know which website is the best for that?

Try for real-world route, waypoint, and airport chart information. It’s very helpful.

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Typically when flying in the states I use for most of my charts. Unfortunately they don’t cover anywhere outside of the US. I live in Canada, and since I’m a real world pilot, I use ForeFlight on my iPad/iPhone to get charts in Canada. Anywhere else I typically google (airport ICAO) “xxxx Charts”.


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You can sign up for Eurocontrol’s AIP which covers baiscally the entire European continent. I also find success on just googling “(Airport ICAO) Charts” for other countries and areas. For UD Charts and en-routes, SkyVector works for me as well as flight planning in the US with it.

Eurocontrol: EAD Basic - EUROCONTROL

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