Does anyone know what this means?

What is the difference between LOC and ILS


In real life the localizer only gives you a glideslope, while the ILS gives you a glideslope and a direction. In IF it is the same

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Ok thank you

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Wrong way round.

Localiser only gives you direction (horizontal guidance)

ILS gives you both direction and the glide-slope (horizontal + vertical guidance)


I am so dumb

But thanks for the clarification, I won’t make the mistake again

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A localizer is a signal for left-right (aka “lateral”) guidance. Once you’re established on a localizer, if you keep it centered it’ll lead you all the way to the runway. Only thing is, it won’t give you any height information - so you won’t know how to descend.

An ILS couples the localizer with a glideslope - an up-down guidance (“vertical” guidance). So it’s a “precision” approach - as you can rely on it to descend as well as rely on it for lateral guidance.

Hope this helps!


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