Does anyone know what this is on the Boeing 737NG PFD?

It has been puzzling me for a while, and I really would like to know.


@Mats_Edvin_Aaro I think flies a 737 sim. He might know

Edit: Notice how you are 1000 feet off the ground going 45 kts…


For the CWS p question: The AP will get put into Control Wheel Steering mode if you move the flight controls manually while the plane is under autopilot control. All that CWS does is maintain pitch and bank.


What, the CWS P or the gauge?

The gauge is the AoA (Angle of Attack) indicator. It’s very useful when you just want a glance at the PFD. The “7.3” is the actual angle of attack you have in degrees (7.3 degrees up).

The green band is the approach band (i think it’s called). It’s where you usually how much you would pitch up during a normal approach.

The red band is the point where the stick shaker would kick in, at your speed and altitude. Not a situation you wanna come up in. :P

If you meant the CWS, @Ollie explained it pretty good.

What you are looking at there is not something you could possibly see in a real life situation, it’s just a representation of the whole PFD. Just ask if you have any more questions about something there. :)


I meant the gauge. Thanks for the explanation!


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