Does anyone know the cruise speed of a 737?

This is another one of my the title says it all posts

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It’s usually either M 0.78 or M 0.79.


The speed range of Airbus a320 family and boring 737 family is Mach 0.78 to 0.82

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Typical cruise speed would be M78!

between M.76 and M.80 according to simbrief


We only need one answer!

Although I agree with you, we all gave different answers which built on eachother. First one gave what is usually used by pilots, second gave the range of the cruise speeds allowed for the type, and the third one (me) gave the recommended typical cruise speed. All different and build on eachother


The max in a 737 is M0.81.

It’s difficult to give a single speed. For example if you are cruising with tailwinds then you must cruise at 0.78.
For headwinds you may go up to 0.82 but 0.82 must be selected in case of very strong headwinds.
In case you are delayed at ground due to heavy traffic or any other reason, you may cruise at 0.80 or 0.81 or so in order to reach your destination at the given time.

I suggest you to check it again. You can even check it at wikipedia.

The basic answer is M.78, Also, avoid making topics for simple questions that can easily be searched up! not tryna be rude or anything.

While, yes, 0.78 is regular in the -800, the -700 cruises at 0.76-0.77, and the -900 cruises at 0.79-0.80.