Does anyone know if U.S airlines serve complimentary meal on transcontinental flights?

I will be flying next month from San Jose, CA to New York JFK on Delta Airlines. I think Delta serves complimentary meals from SFO, LAX, and SEA to JFK. How about from San Jose? Would you think so?
(I will be flying a red-eye flight by the way, so it would be dinner).

Ask @BigBert10 or @GlobalFlyer1 (the SJC specialists) I don’t believe in economy but they do in first.


If the food is served on the Delta flight itself, then it should be served on your flight. However, since your flight will be a red eye, I suggest eating dinner before your flight


Oooh! You’re flying from San Jose!

I know Delta has been trying to improve their Economy Class service, but from San Jose, I don’t think it’s likely. Since it’s also a red-eye, they don’t always serve meals (depending on the time of departure which I’m assuming is around 10 p.m. on DL1548, it would be a pretty late dinner.) When I flew United Business, they didn’t even serve a meal because it was a red-eye.

I recommend eating prior to boarding so that even if they don’t serve a meal, you’ll still have eaten.

Enjoy your flight!


Basically, unless you want to have a midnight dinner or something, I recommend eating dinner before your flight. (Since the flight most likely won’t have a meal for you because it’s a red-eye.) SJC has a lot of great places to eat so you should try out one of their restaurants! :D

They even have a Jamba Juice! :D


Yeah, I will be travelling on DL 1548 as you said! So I guess 10pm is too late for dinner service. Maybe if the flight was at 8pm, they would’ve served…? or is it just complimentary for passengers who travel from SFO because I’m assuming SFO to JFK would have more passengers than SJC because SFO is bigger than SJC?

And thank you, can’t wait to fly on my first transcontinental flight!

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Thanks for the recommendations! :)

They would serve meals even if you’re flying from SJC

I was on an SJC-MSP flight during the afternoon and I had a good meal onboard! :D

Oh okay, plus I found this from Delta:


New York (JFK) to/from Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO), San Diego (SAN), Seattle (SEA), Portland (PDX)
Washington D.C. (DCA) to/from Los Angeles (LAX)
Seattle (SEA) to/from Boston (BOS), Raleigh-Durham (RDU), Orlando (MCO), Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
Boston (BOS) to/from San Francisco (SFO), Los Angeles (LAX)
Atlanta (ATL) to/from Honolulu (HNL)
New York (JFK) to/from Honolulu (HNL)
Minneapolis (MSP) to/from Honolulu (HNL)

… so I was thinking because San Jose is not included, I wasn’t sure if they would serve a complimentary meal or not

San Francisco is bigger than San Jose, but that shouldn’t limit the options onboard!

If you’d flown 8 p.m., I assume you most likely would have gotten a dinner service, but I’m not exactly sure. Delta is great though, so I’m sure you can expect the flight to be great with or without the dinner service!

Then I guess that’s because they fly a B757 to SFO from JFK

But they wouldn’t add SJC-JFK on there because it is a red eye (way after dinner)

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Ok thank you @GlobalFlyer1 and @BigBert10 for the clarifications! Can’t wait to fly from San Jose! :)


Thanks for stopping by San Jose! :D
Glad to see fellow IFC members going to San Jose! :D

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If you have any more questions (I can answer questions about San Francisco as well), feel free to shoot us a PM!

Sure, will do, thanks!

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Even if there is food, US airline food is really bad. Just get some chick-ful-a or something in the terminal. Worth it!

No they do not, I once payed $7 for a small bag of chips. 🤦‍♂️

Wow that’s a lot

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Yes, but I would rather have a complimentary meal on board, rather than paying at some restaurant

Was that Delta? That’s crazy