Does anyone know if I can book a tour for any ATC tower in Connecticut or New York? (LGA, JFK, EWR, BDL, BOS)

I’d love to spot from an ATC tower or take a tour. Does anyone know if it is possible?

Why don’t you search online and find out…

I did… all they popped up was hotels

Well then probably not. Surely if you can it will be listed somewhere.

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I don’t know if they all provide tours, but I heard you can call the airport and ask if they do control tower tours. You should try that. :)

They do not offer public tours of control towers, especially for major airport.

Well, I think they do them at EGLL

(I think it was) NBC or ABC got a tour of JFK tower

Yeah, I heard about that

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Public tours at EGLL tower? No they don’t.

You can go up as a member of the public but it would typically be because you knew a controller who took you up.

Oh, It must have been a different airport

I have no idea. I’m not sure you’re going to be able to book it. Some guy on this forum was able to visit a control tower, (not me). It probably has to be spur of the moment.

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I was able to visit the tower but my dad knew somebody.

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