Does anyone know if FR24 is a subscription service on their iOS app?

I want to buy the Flight Radar 24 app, for iPhone to improve my spotting, and just get more information on overhead stuff, than what FlightAware offers, my only question/concern is if the app requires an in app subscription. Does anyone with the app know what the payment policy is, for the APP ONLY?

Well I have flight radar 24 on my iPhone. So I would recommend getting that.

But do you have to pay for a subscription, or is the only cost the one that come with the app?

basically you pay a nominal fee for the pro version of FR24… bout 1.5 USD approx . plus in that too you have in flight purchases

Nope! It’s just a matter of buying it and you’re all set for the app version. There are certain in-app purchases that you can get, but it’s just extra that you don’t need. I haven’t bought any of the in-app purchases, and I’m satisfied.

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The subscription is for the website version only.


No not exactly. FR24 is free to buy. But if you want to have extra things you need to buy them. I use it for my spotting.

Thanks I am getting it now!

Yay! Also I don’t hate flight aware. I think flight aware makes it easier to find flights between two destinations. On FR24 (online) it’s a little bit harder to doling those things.

It’s not free. It’s 3.99 USD.

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Well I bought it when it first came out which was a while ago. It was free back then.

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I am pretty sure they have a Lite (free) version.

Yes I just checked. They do.

No subscription. You buy it, you keep it

You get the subscription like I have the gold one and is for the website but you can login with the FR24PREMIUM App with your login credentials and get all in app purchases for free for the app.

No, just one pay and you are done.

I’ve got the app now, it is awesome!

To add to my first comment. Get the paid app (not the pro one but the middle one) and then get the IAP. The pro one does something to do with the online subscription, however both the pro app and the online subscription are not worth it.

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