Does anyone know if a flight school counts as a college ?

So I am one step closer to tryna become a pilotnits my dream but I don’t know the process of becoming one does any know if a flight school counts as a college because it said I needed bachelors degree for aviation and engineering should I go to flight school first after highschool or college and then flight school


No. Flight schools are just to teach how to fly. You have to have a college degree in something aviation to fly.

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I recommend going to college first as a backup, but if you’re 500% confident you want to become a pilot, go right ahead into flight school 👍

A college degree is not needed to fly, but is preferred.


There are colleges that are good for aviation and you get a degree like Embrey Ridle, Auburn, North Dakota, Ohio State.


Well, there is Embry-Riddle… not sure if that would count.

But do I need bachelors degree to help tinto a flight school?

If you want to be a airline pilot you need it I believe

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Edited my post. Hope that answers your question :)

Depends on the airline. I know that in the US, it is mandatory to have a college degree to become a pilot at one of the major airlines, but for the regionals, it isn’t needed.

Here’s a great article which you might find useful:


It should, it is a university

Note: it’s quite pricey

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Can I go on a normal college ? And get a bachelors degree then go to flight school?

Or does it have to be A college for pilots

If you want to be an airline pilot, you need a 4 year degree in college. This however, does not have to be a degree in aviation. If you go to the air force however, some airlines don’t require the degree. The flight schools job is to get you your pilots liscense, your instrument rating and your multi-engine (at a minimum).


Of course! Any degree science or math related is sure to help you out when you become a pilot!

Byond the obvious PPL, duel eingen ratings, CPL, etc, they want some sort of “STEM” degree usually, Meteriology is a good one too, when you go to college you don’t really get a bachelors in being a pilot or something, but if you go to Embray riddle for example you would get a bachelors in Meteorology, and train to be a pilot on the side, graduating with all the pilot certifications, and a college degree.

Atleast that’s how my guidance counselor explained it to me…

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I’m thinking of going to college then go to ATP Flight school

Also, going to college is good in case you are unable to become a pilot. Just like and athlete, if you get injured and have no degree you are in a bad spot.

False. In the US, there are a lot of acceredited universities that are flight schools… meaning you can get a college degree in aviation while getting all of the certifications.

With that, there are just Flight schools that just do flight training as well.


Judging by your profile bio, you’re located in the US so this would be applicable to you

There are two types of flight schools that you can attend. A Part 61 or Part 141 school:

Part 61

“Any FAA-approved flight instructor, whether associated with a flight school or not, may train a student under Part 61 regulations.”

Part 141

“Part 141 regulations are related to the structure and approval of flight schools. Training under Part 141 regulations is permitted only by instructors associated with an FAA-approved flight school. In order to become approved, a flight school must meet certain requirements and submit each curriculum it wishes to have approved to the FAA for review. Part 141 approved schools are subject to regular surveillance audits by the FAA and must meet minimum pass rates on the practical exams.”

Source for image and quotes above

Most part 141 fight schools will graduate you with a bachelors degree as oppose to a part 61 will just do your flight training at a small local airport.


My advice: look at flights schools and colleges combined where you can get a degree! There are many collages like UND, HSU, Purdue, Ohio State and others that have flight programs and you can get a bachelor degree as well

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Some schools in the US like Embry riddle can count as both

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