Does anyone know how to renew subscription

i really don’t want to lose my landing as i worked hard for them my subscription is set to expire tomorrow can i please get tips in order to renew my subscription. I AM SORRY IF THIS IS DUPLICATE

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You must pay again! Simple as that :)!

If Pro Subscription Options Price…

•1 Month (10.00$ USD)

•6 Months (60.00$ USD)

•12 Months (80.00$ USD)

If you have auto renew it will automatically renew, if you do not have automatic renewals then you must manually purchase another subcription through the app ;)!

Hope This Helps,

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It automatically renews un less you go into your app store and stop it



  1. Your subscription will auto-renew.
  2. Even if it didn’t, you won’t lose any of your stats! :)

thanks guys mods you can close this

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