Does anyone know how to fix ATC problem?

The ATC problem I’m talking about is for example say tower is offline but ground is online when I’m ready for take off and about to request it switches back to ground and then I try again to request takeoff but as soon as I press the Unicom button it says ground is online and switches me back to ground. It’s really frustrating I was trying to request take off at KONT I was about to press taking off runway 26R and then it switched back immediately and made me ask for pushback instead of announcing takeoff

The two don’t go together causing your paragraph to be slightly confusing. You can’t request takeoff on Unicom. I think I understand your context though. Really nothing you can do that I know of. Don’t switch to Unicom until you are first in line and ready to depart. Then as soon as you switch, announce that you are departing and go. It only does that if you are slow and sitting on the ground, so if you switch and takeoff without delay it won’t change on you.

Ok thank you sorry about that

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