Does anyone know how airtable works?

Hey, im asking for a friend…does anyone know how to automate airtable and intgrate with discord?

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I occasionally work in discord.js to develop discord bots. I have worked with the Airtable API before, and it is pretty useful and user friendly. I am pretty sure you have to pay for it, though. There might be some way to automatically send a json file to a discord webhook. What are you trying to do with this? If you are working in discord.js, feel free to send me a PM so we can talk about it further.

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Thank you…i’ll dm you

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hey just one last thing…when a form is submitted it should get auto accepted…do you know how to do this?

What do you mean by “auto accepted?”

this is for a va…and once a pilot files a pirep it should get auto accepted

I do not understand since I’m not in the VA world! I know that airtable form answers get put into a list already. I do not know what a pirep is and I still do not know what you mean by auto accepted

oh ok…so basically what it means is when a pilot flys a route for the va, they file a pilot report (pirep)…the form will include name, callsign, flight hours and so on…by auto accepted what i meant is usually its manually accepted by a staff member after validating the pirep if all is correct…so if there is a bot on airtable for auto accepting or something…do you know any?

airtable auto accepts pireps but unfortunately I just have basic info on how to create tables… What exactly are you looking for @Captain_Dreamliner

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Oh ok…yea np…

Was trying to figure out how to auto accept pireps

Solved in DM