Does anyone know any good sites for finding plans for a home simulator

I’m thinking of building a Boeing 737 simulator and I’m wondering is anyone knows any good sites that have the cockpit blueprints

Wow, that is one heck of an investment, I don’t know any websites, but out of curiosity how much do you plan to spend here?

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I’m not sure I’m thinking of building one from scratch I might buy wood at Home Depot and start building the frame eventually I will have a cockpit. When I have it done maybe message me and we could set something up so we could fly together

I just need to get the prints in my posession

A quick google search found these…

Hopefully that might help get you started :)

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Ok thanks I’ll take a peek at this

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I’m still looking I think I’m gonna draw it out first it may take a while tho

Good luck. Sounds like quite the project if you go through with it.

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Actually I just had this thought, it isn’t that glorious, but you could just get XPlane and look around if you need the button layout…

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Hope you do this. I want to do this way down the line of my life, I really, REALLY hope you make a thread with all your progress. For software I reccomend X-Plane and a very powerful PC. The Zibo is quite nice.

Yeah I’m planning to have a fully functional cockpit when I’m finished

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Ok thanks I appreciate it

Ya, that’s what I figured, you could use X-PLANE to find whare the buttons are before you build it. I have heard though that is a terrible process to set up that many buttons to be a specific button in game…

Yeah probably will do it one step at a time for the overhead panel

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Do any of you from the community have a home simulator

Yeah… it’s called my phone. Very convenient home simulator that can travel with me anywhere.


This has a throttle quadrant.

If I were you I would use this as a diagram, maybe get it printed at kinkos in real size to help you better? And make the overhead and front panels yourself.

If you know how to soder and wire there are plenty of switches and knobs and dials you can buy online.
The issue is it probably wouldn’t be plug and play.

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Another thing you could do is just mount a big keyboard or something above your head. Then labeling all of your keys and using that as a overhead panel.

Probably a few thousand cheaper.

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That’s actually really good idea @Kevin_Potthast!

But that won’t work for a 737 if he wants the “complete experience”