Does anyone know any good aviation music

Could I find it on Apple Music

Can’t forget mighty wings

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Nope it a radio app that plays music 24 hours the app is free

Oh ok might have to check it out sometime

It really tells what the soldiers sacrifice for us

That it does.

The soldiers sacrifice so much i can’t even name all the things them and law enforcement do for us

Good play list -
Every song used in Good morning Vietnam

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YYZ best song ever

Jump in a fighter and fire this up!


No more suggestions needed:

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Learning to Fly, Tom Petty

Learn to Fly, Foo Fighters

my top two

Here is the best music for flying in IF:

It has no words but it’s so good.

Learn to fly - Foo Fighters 😍



Does anyone know what song is in the new infinite flight trailer

Silver Wings- Merle Haggard.

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It’s a secret ;)

Gimme Shelter is a nice one

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I really want to know please pm me the name