Does anyone know any Free livestream apps

free apps for live-streaming from iOS

YouTube gaming has a streaming application I believe

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Google does wonders mate


You guys know if you can play music in the background? If not it’s alright. Thank u

You can’t… I tried recording my flight with Infinite PAX and none of the background music/audio recorded… I believe it’s the same with live-streaming (Only the screen that is the primary app open)

Try shou lol its somewhere on

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Du recorded live is a good one but if you record more than 12 hours it won’t record the whole thing

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Soo, DU Recorder has the function! It works great with music in the background!

How to enable please!

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I use Omlet Arcade for my streams, but I know others that use Vidih.

You can use the screen recorder depending on what IOS your running

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Livestream not screen record

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