Does anyone know any charter airline VA's?

I need a charter because last night I was ghosted for not back taxiing… I didn’t know what it was until afterwards… Anyways, I really need a charter VA to complete 3 flights, 2 in the SoFlo region and the other in the Carribean region, preferably on Advanced. If you are willing to fly, then feel free to use any aircraft. More info on the flight on my website.


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EasyJet Virtual and Southwest!
PM me

interesting idea…

What flights (Dep / Arv) and with what Airframes do you need / needed doing?

The flights were cancelled, but I needed an E-190 on the Miami - Tampa and Tampa - Miami routes, and a Dash 8-Q400 for the St Maarten - St John Route.

I do think that we need a reliable, convenient charter service for VA’s.

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I’m developing a charter based VA, and it’ll be released relatively soon.

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We need a charter VA, something that any VA can rely on if they can’t complete a flight.

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You can expect me to apply as soon as I can.

Guess its an interesting request, asking other VAs to conduct a flight on your behalf…

We don’t have E Jets but could have done the D8Q400 service, would have been in Qantas Livery but would have used your call sign for the flight

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Check out TravelSky. There’s an option there to apply for us to rose one of your routes.
Check it out [here!] (

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Yes, it’s very nice, but I don’t need a codeshare, I need a charter. I only needed 3 different routes done on one occasion, not those routes on multiple occasions.

Star airways have those planes

I’ll message you as soon as it’s ready!!

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Sounds good 😃

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