Does anyone know an app or that gives me V1, V2, approach and landing speed?

It would be greatly appreciated if someone can recommend one

I use In-Flight Assistant - the V-Speeds come with the base app.

It doesn’t give landing speed, only takeoff speeds.

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IF Assistant will calculate V speeds for you. Not sure about approach/landing speeds though, I use a table for that.

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thank you so much

thanks bro appreciate it

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Specifically this table, which calculates approach speeds for DC10 aircraft, it probably works just as well for the MD11 but I haven’t tested it.

The row of numbers at the very top is gross weights in tonnes. will give you appropriate V-speeds in accordance to your current aircraft weight if you put in a flight plan. The site offers many other features as well. Such as an auto flight plan generator. I use if for all of my flights.

Infinite passengers gives the callouts

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