Does anyone know a good, simple way to convert GS to AS?

As the question says. I’m trying to work out speeds for different aircrafts. Thanks guys! 😄

As you probably know, there’s so many factors, like wind speed and direction, altitude, etc. I say, just have both airspeed and ground speed in your menu bar on the bottom. That’s how mine’s set up


There is no easy way as it depends on:
-wind speed
-wind direction


I would say, the easiest way is to let the app convert it for you

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What app? Do you mean IF?

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Yes, just let IF convert it for you.


In the bottom menu/bar. Set one of them to show the GS.


No as it depends on air pressure as well as other factors.

Most important speeds are IAS and Mach number.

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Yep here you go have fun.

The E6B is taught to anyone entering the airman world. Effective and time saving the E6B allows you to calculate a ton of aviation knowledge. True airspeed, wind correction angle, ground speed, fuel burn, weight and balance. Great tool for every aviators flight bag.

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Shame it isn’t in my currency!

I’m sure they sell them where ever you are as well

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