Does anyone have this problem

I am in myramar and when I go to change the time it is supposed to show the time zone you are in then the time in UTC but instead of it showing the timezone you are in it shows the UTC time

Where is this? At the bottom of the screen in your flight or in the time option in the menu?

it is shown in both places

You selecting (SIM) or (Real Time) on the time indicator ?

that doesnt matter it is showing UTC time no matter what

In the menu can’t you just click “current time”? Or does that not work?

that does not work

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Real time has always shown the local time for the device or whatever time your cell carrier uses…

I thought it always showed the time of the timezone you’re flying in

Could be I don’t use it often in real mode just use it to get a idea of Zulu time…

Ok if I’m not mistaken that is for display time … if you want to fly the area you are in at a different time for example your flying at night and want to change the display to daylight…?

still dont see the problem utc sim time is 0844. in myramar (southeast asia) it should be around 1544 or 1644. but it is showing 0844 UTC @Jason5 so all I was asking was to see if anyone else had this problem or is it just me

No … wish I could help but the only times I use the display time selection bar is mostly when I’m in low light situations on landing or at a dark airport…

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