Does anyone have Pictures of Boeing 737-800 Seats Row 6 or 7?

I’m flying to Oslo in August and I’ve just booked my flights and seats. I’m flying LGW-OSL in Seat 7F and then back in Seat 6A, just wondering if anyone has Window Views from the Rows 6 or 7 on the Boeing 737-800

May I ask which airline, I might have a photo but I doubt it.

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You can check this website for seat maps


He flying Norwegian I think

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Yeh, @Talkingribzz it is Norweigan. And @Lin_Yifan I had a look there earlier, the seats seem to be in a good position

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Had a brief look at the site, some rows have no windows lol (I browsed through the photos and there was this Seat 10 and some boring seats around)

Anyways though it would be really early to wish you, but hope you’ll have a good trip! :)

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Here is a 737-800 seat map specific to Norweigan unfortunately I have no photos myself

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Thanks Mate ;)

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Engine view

it’s actually 3 seats per sid going down the whole aircraft and it has 30-31 rows

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Norwegian only has Economy Class

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no but i have sat in those seats and you can see the front of the engine

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I have a pic from 8a


Thanks for sharing that

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