Does anyone have information about Air Kufra

Hello everyone! I’m back with another question.

About a month ago I came across this tiny Libyan airline called Air Kufra. I wanted to gather more information about it, however this airline is so small there is barley any solid information about it. As far as I know, the airline had 1 airplane, a British Aerospace Jetstream 32 tail# 5A-DGR and it didn’t show up at all on any tracking websites. Also, some websites like ch-aviation say the airline went out if business, when CAPA center for aviation said it was still in business. It’s website, donates a Copyright notification from 2009.

So the website has not been touched in a long time. Also, I know that the 1 plane was leased to Air Kufra by Buraq Air. I know this because of this pictures description. But if you go to the Fleet page of BRQ on Flightradar24, the Air Kufra plane isn’t listed. The FAA has no record of the aircraft either. Infact, the Air Kufra website doesn’t even let you book!

If anyone has any more information about Air Kufra, like when and if it went out of business, past flight tracking history, etc. Please let me know.

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You did everything that could come to my mind to find this airline…
Maybe contact Lybia tourism office, they could have information for you.

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Oh edit! I read in a book of a French pilot of Rafale M that he once heard of a plane on a small airfield in Lybia. He considered useless to destroy it but apparently it still got down by a coalition plane… He joked about not giving the name of the Air force but I suspect USAF to be the one responsible lol

Once I get home I try to confirm this information. The book is : La pointe du diamant

Another thing,
A lot of lybian city became no flight zones at beginning of the war, maybe the airlines just stopped operating…

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Thanks for the info!

Do you know of any other place I could find more info about the airline?

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No sorry
That’s all I had. Also sorry my book wasn’t home so I couldn’t check the info

Update: I added the Air Kufra wikipedia page.

Does anyone else have information?

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