Does anyone have an airbus A320 tutorial?

i have been looking through the forums and i cant seem to find a airbus A320 or A321 tutorial. anyone have one???


The A320 family is a pretty easy family to fly with.
I don’t think the physics are really complicate like the CRJ where you might struggle.
Just learn by doing and gain experience;-)


yeah i have realized that i just want to make it more realistic you know?

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Any YT video is good at it. You can find also a lot of infos on the internet, Google is your friend

You can check the Official Infinite flight YouTube channel for tutorials on many aircraft!

Link Here

I think it’s only the newly released ones

Maybe from the C130

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To be honest I think the A-320 has the same design and/or size of the B-737. But correct me if I’m mistaken.

A320 is quite different
A320 is very different when it comes to landing


They are concurrents in the same market (medium, single aisle , 160-200 pax.), but their physics aren’t really the same.


I fly it quite a lot here’s sortoff tutorial

Take off power typically 75-89% depending how heavy length of runway, winds ect. Climb power 73-80% again depending on external variables.

Cruise speed 0.78 - 0.82 Mach

Height 22,000 - 38,000 (typically)

Approach speed is typically

9NM out = 190 airspeed
8NM out = 180
7NM out = 170
6NM out = 160
5NM out = 150
4NM out = 140

Touchdown 135-142 airspeed


Start your flare at around 20 feet and set the thrust levers to idle, keep the dot at the horizon and pull a bit up if needed.

Dare I say use a Xplane tutorial?

Even though Infinte Flight doesn’t have working buttons etc. The flying is the same. Watch a Xplane tutorial on the A320. (Skipping the setup, startup etc.) and look at the tips they give you on flying it.


If you want to get really realistic, you can search POH A320. POH stands for pilot operating handbook and has the real world procedures in them. Although a yt video might be easier to understand.

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