Does Anyone Have A Solution?

My Parking Brake Will Not Go Off In Infinite Flight!!!

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Tapping it once should usually disengage it. If your application is not responding, try restarting it and seeing if that works.

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I know all of that! The app is responding when i tap it nothing happens?

Could you send us a video of this problem to get a better idea.

Yeah Sure 2 Mins

iCloud This Is The Vid

I’m not really sure what’s going on here. My guess is that the touch might have been registered twice due to a dirty screen or a cover that might be interfering. Perhaps you might want to clean your device or remove anything that might be interfering with your touchscreen.

It is definitely not i have no screen protector and my case is magnetic

That really weird luckily for you there is an update today so maybe after you update the problem will be gone.

Can you try going into Settings → Controls and press “Restore defaults”? Restart the app afterwards and try again

Yes I have tried that thanks

Yeah Lol!!!

I wull try that again but idk

Got It Guys

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Great to hear! Enjoy :)