Does anyone get tired of flying in the same region all the time.

Yes I know global is soon , but I still see everyone flying in LA, San Diego, and Palm Springs. To me it just feels like on the training server it seems like New York, Chicago, Seattle, and Miami get like barely flights at all. I’m just saying why we start going to places like those with controllers for a little bit until Global comes. Now I love LA I just wish we could fly in other regions with controllers.


Just fly on expert server😉 The controllers change region everyday

Us expert server controllers have a handy tool (credit to @Chris_S) that allows us to see what regions have been active in the past week or month. We use this to gauge what region we should open so we don’t get stuck having the same region open for an extended period of time. :)

However, there’s nothing we can really do about the training server at this time, unfortunately.