Does Anyone Fly To San Clemente on PG?

San Clemente. Well, it’s always busy on PG, but never organized. Does anyone actually fly there due to it being so crowded and filled with rule breakers?

  • Yes, Always
  • NO! I Will Never
  • Sometimes, But Always Regret It
  • Sometimes, Ends Good

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Its a military air base, and I fly commercial aircrafts, those two don’t match.


Almost all the time I either overshoot the runway or miss the runway because in too low

I just fly commercial aircraft in. Most of the time I will try to at least use the Cessna 208.

I’ve been there only one time in Live.

My reason explained:

It’s just soooo stupid and crazy over there. Only military charters and maybe the c-17 and f-14 should be flying there. It is a naval weapons test range and a SEAL training base not an international airport with a380s landing every minute.

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How could this military base become an international airport?

Because it’s an island and you fly close to the water. Everyone in Playground loves islands I guess.


Also becuase it’s sort of “isolated” from everything and there are no aircraft restrictions

But IRL I think it’s a no fly zone.

The rule of “no faster than 250kts under 10000ft” doesn´t apply there?

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It applies everywhere. He’s talking about the planes size


Yeah of course. It’s a military base so it will have a no-fly zone for commercial and non-authorized aircraft

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