Does anyone feels uncomfortable when looking tiny words in the latest version?

When I flied with the 15.12.0 version and below, I still saw normally everything at the bottom of screen. After the update (16.02.3), the words become smaller and I think it’ll damaged our eyes. So, in the next version, I wish the developers of IF could consider about this.
Thank you and good luck!!!


What device are you using? Do you have a picture?

The UI is device-specific. :)

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The status bar. Im using android 6.0.1.

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That looks like a good size to me. Any bigger and it wouldn’t fit. :)


I searched a lots shots of 16 version. And I see the size of the words in these shots are similar.

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He means berore the previous update it was bigger and so were the buttons, but after the update in March they made everything smaller so I’m assuming he would like it big again


Yeah!!! Now I must take more time to see the distance, the vertical speed… If I flied with the older, I could control information well.


Oh, okay. Sorry for misunderstanding.

@Son_Ngoc, which device again?

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My device is galaxy a3.

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Not a problem with his UI. His device’s screen is just smaller. The A3 is 4.5’’ while most devices these days average at 5’’. That .5’’ makes a big difference.

Nothing to do with device size! They made the size of the writing as well as the buttons smaller in last update. I hope it the size is increased as I have old eyes and fat fingers!

As well as hard to see the writing with the smaller button it is easier to ‘swipe off’ the button when changing flaps or speed etc and when in the cockpit view this means that your view changes! Had at least one crash because if this!!

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U wrong. U should read my description again. I still feel comfortable with 4.5" in older version.

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Yeah. Im too.

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Alright your eyesight just isn’t as good as mine. No worries, on the FDS feedback page a similar request for a font size change is marked as “Planned”.

Yeah… I hope they will focus that problem.

It’s called old age in my case!!

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Maybe… haha.

I noticed it when I first got the update. I now look back on the previous update and think “wow, that is so ugly” :)

But we cant play older version with live. 😂

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