Does anyone else think the automated ghosting system is flawed?

Just stalled because I knocked my phone, turning A/P off, which then put me into a stall; I recovered the stall within seconds, but I got 7 violations from it – the game should recognise the stall, and only count it as one.

Anyone else agree, or is it just me?

I do not think think it is flawed. This is pilot error for leaving the ‘cockpit’. Suppose this was real life, would you have your liscense suspended for this? I think it is worthy of 7 violations.

To answer your question, I don’t think it is. Folks need to realize that this is a simulator; not a game necessarily. Infinite Flight requires the full attention of the user. Putting our phones, tablets, phablets in our pockets while at school or work isn’t the greatest idea. Yes you can set a flight and let it run as you’re doing chores, going to school/work, or whatever it is you do best. Generally these violations are a result of pilot error; just like aviation incidents you would find in the real world.


Wasn’t there a topic ranting about these kinds of threads?


Infinite Flight requires attention from the user. If we knock our device over, that’s the cause. The effect are the violations that follow. Be careful next time.