Does anyone else read the forums while flying?

the question states it all! :)


Like all the time


yes, doing it right now,lol :)

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I be doing it most of da time.


same :)!! thx for righting!

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No not really. I usually go over landing procedure and other checklist and I track my flight and other pilots flights onlive flight


oh! thats cool, I’ve never thought about that :)


all the time yes

Yes I do. iPad mini flying Laptop checking forums/slack or editing an airport.


Not really. I’m usually in bed when I fly, but I do check slack a bit.

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Yep, same.
All the time…

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Usually, but it’s dangerous. Rather like don’t use your mobile phone while driving.

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Yep, I do.

No, because the flights are so short that there is not much time for reading posts.

Sometimes, if I have my phone nearby. I usually fly on my iPad but if I’m doing a long flight I might go here.

If im beside my computer, then I’ll be on the forums while flying.

If i really have to, i run multiscreen on my phone but that induces lag so i avoid when unnecessary

No I don’t.
When I fly, I just fly. :)
On rare occasions I might communicate with another pilot or a controller via Facebook, but flying always comes first. I don’t want to risk making a mistake because I’m distracted.

Why should I?

The in-flight Wi-Fi is expensive, and I won’t want an undercover pilot beside me to lecture me about the difference between the DC and MD-10 when I ask on the Forums.

And I surely won’t want to play IF on a flight, especially when I crash or when a pilot passenger inquires why my strobe lights are off.

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