Does anyone else have these problems

Hi so whenever I go above FL370 my speed just starts to drop and then I stall and I have no clue why. Is it because I’m to heavy? And it happens when I do over night flights.

Yes, you are correct. If your plane is too heavy, it won’t be able to maintain speed. I recommend starting low and step climbing. Check out the guide below for more details. 😊

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Ok thank you cause it happened to me and a friend and we both started in a stalling flat spin and we both crashed and we were so confused why but thanks for the help

No worries. For most long hauls, between FL310-FL340 are good places to start, if you’re heavy

Ok thanks for letting me know

First: maybe you are too much heavier than the climb clue.
Second: I think you might use TOGA in climbing altitude, you can try not use TOGA in climbing altitude.

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